Andy Stepanian is a recidivist rabble-rouser and tireless voice for marginalized communities. Andy began his activism as an adolescent campaigning against the wanton use of pesticides in the Long Island community where he grew up and quickly expanded his interests to include animal rights and social justice activism. By 2002 the Financial Times characterized Andy’s efforts as “succeeding where Karl Marx, the Baader-Meinhof gang and the Red Brigades failed.”

In 2010, Andy founded The Sparrow Project, a boutique PR and creative direction consultancy with a sole purpose of supporting grassroots activism. Since Sparrow’s founding, Andy has placed thousands of stories for non-profits and public interest efforts, created visually arresting printed matter and digital documents for creative campaigns, and helped develop exclusive content for Democracy NowThe Huffington Post, Rolling Stone and NBC News.

In 2016 Andy’s activism will be the subject of short documentaries on NBC News Digital, Viceland, and Pivot TV.